Your Personal Human Resources Connection¬†
For over 20 years, Jankar Human Resources has been providing small to medium sized businesses with professional human resources support. 

We take great pride in our ability to effectively partner with clients to provide as much support as they require.
Supporting all your Recruitment and
Hiring Needs.

Local and National Experience

We conduct successful local, regional and national recruitment and selection programs. So whether your needs are localized or reach across the country, we have the experience and integrity to assist with all your hiring needs.

See our Employers or Services section for more information.



For Candidates Only!

On behalf of our clients, Jankar H.R. recruits candidates for positions across a wide spectrum of occupations. If you are interested in submitting your resume for consideration, please see more details in our Candidates section.

Please be advised that we do not email application forms or ask for any documentation to be scanned to us without completion of a personal interview first.

Should you be contacted by Jankar Human Resources to complete or submit SIN, copy of Driver’s License or Passport, this is a spam email and we advise you not to respond”